There are times when a really good shot is just lost in the clutter of what is around the focus of the photo.  I remember seeing a flower that was in competition and it was a great shot, but I had a problem seeing what was the subject due to the clutter around the flower.  Sometimes, it is better to move on and wait for another opportunity.

Belted Kingfisher on the left and far right and a Green Heron in the center.  Take my word the shots are in focus, especially the heron and the Kingfisher in flight give me a break. The problem is the clutter around them.  Sometimes it takes more effort to creatively get rid of the clutter. It can be done but then it really does not look natural.  Time to move on and wait for another day.  Also, take it from me- Don’t fall in love with your photo. Get over it and move on. The trick is to… you’ll just have to wait to find out how to solve the problem in another blog. Keep shooting for quality.

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