There are times when you just don’t know what to shoot.  Your mind is a blank as they say.  It happens to writers too.  They just can’t seem to get their thoughts and ideas together.  Here is one thing you can photograph everyday.  All you need is imagination.  It’s called FOOD.  There all kinds of angles, distances, shapes, colors of food.  Food is also presented in many different ways. Plates, pots, pans, tables, no tables etc etc.  The possibilities are endless. Here are two photos I took a few years ago, just for fun, no pressure. Deserts are also fun to photograph too. Did you know that food photography is big. It is hard to not to find food photos in a magazine these days.  We think about it everyday, so why not photograph it while we think about it.

Blog_Food is all around

Yummy food and presentation.

Blog_Food Shots

Yummy veggies for St Patrick Day


Not too much and not too little, just a nice snack

Another way to get out and clear your mind is go to a Farmers Market.  They usually have colorful opportunities sitting right in front of you.

Blog_Veggie Close-up