One never knows what lurks around the corner when one has a camera.  I have a saying to look behind you because the better shot maybe in the opposite direction.

Balance and Strength

Blog_Strength and Balance

I was shooting waves, birds, rocks and this is what was facing my back.

We are Champions

Blog_Photojournalism_one arm lift

Once again, this was to my back

An intense day at the bar

Blog_At the Bar

this was a luck shot.  Never noticed the mirror in the ceiling of the bar.

Street Art

Blog_Street Art1

Going for a walk with your camera is a great way to see opportunities that you may not have seen without the camera. Sometimes the camera makes your mind and eyes more attentive.

All the above shots were taken just by walking around.  I did not go out to shoot these photos, they just presented the opportunity and I took it.  The big question is how do you make a picture into a photograph of art. To be continued. Happy Shooting!