As I said in the previous blog, the foot drag is harder to get than the wing drag for me.  It is really a timing and anticipation shot. Also, it happens so fast that in most cases the human reflex is not quick enough. If and it is a BIG if you could get just a toenail skimming calm water it could be a spectacular shot.     I would not spend my day trying to get this shot unless you want to work on your tan or have nothing better to do. With that said, if you get a bird with something in its talons like a fish by all means go for the shot. That is the story!   These photo are not competition photos but you get the idea of the foot drag shot and something in the talons of a bird like a fish.

Water Walker– High Percentage Shot

Blog_Peek A Boo With Foot Drag1

On the Attack– Again a high percentage shot

Blog_On the Attack-128

Early Morning Catch– This is the cousin of the toe dragger and is worth going for as explained above. I saw this Osprey in a tree and walked to my car to get my long lens (I came to get landscape fog shots at the lake and was not prepared for distant bird shots). It took me 15 minutes back and forth.  The Osprey was still there and I just waited. Patience paid off. I also got some good shots of the breakfast meal being eaten in a nearby tree.

Early Morning Catch

Based on our discussion in previous blogs this photo pretty much has it all. Tells a story, has impact and is pretty much in focus and the rule of thirds is in play. Note the reflection in the water leads the eye to the bird. Also, the bird has room to move to the right. It has someplace to go, as they say.