Right from the start of my photographer adventure, it was pounded into my head that IMPACT, FOCUS, AND STORY TELLING are key ingredients to a good photo.   I would add COLOR OR NO COLOR (black and white) HELPS TOO. Here are some photos that get the point across.

Riding the Crest

Blog_Riding the Crest_Surfers_Crystal Cove_#5's Revised-3

Good Action and certainly tells the story. Surfers are magnificent athletes. A good site to use concerning surfing conditions is: www. surfline.com

Nesting Material

Blog_osprey_malibu nesting material_1 21 16-170-Edit

Tells the Story and has impact. This Osprey flew with this long piece of moss like material and landed not too far away from me. I was ready with my 500mm.

Morning Snack

Morning Snack

Story and Impact- Sea Otters are really fun to watch.  They have really strong teeth. They seem to always be playing.

Munch Munch Munch

Blog_Monarch catipillar3_macro closeup-129-Edit copy

Story, Impact, Focus and Color- This is a Monarch larvae. I read that the Monarch butterfly will be extinct in 20 years.

Follow the Sun

Blog_Crystal Cove_Following the Sun-2

In past blogs, I mentioned look behind you. I was walking with my back to this sunset because the tide was rising fast and I did not want to get caught without an exit. Every 100 feet or so I would turn  around and shoot, turn around and shoot. This was one of the many shots I got. I used a tripod and slowed the shutter down along with a Variable Neutral Density Filter. Simple but tells the story, has impact and is colorful.