Hogwash!  Just be patient. Sometimes it takes going to a quiet place, sit down and wait with camera in hand. Or, bring a folding chair and go to a designated place like a pond, lagoon, forest, flowering garden and just wait.  The opportunity will come to you if you are patient.

Dragonflies Mating

A_Dragonfly Follies_507268

This shot was taken at El Dorado Park near Long Beach, CA.  I was sitting on the ground just waiting for the dragon flies to land on a reed. I let the situation come to me rather than roam around trying to find an opportunity. This was a gift shot. Very hard to get this quality of shot.

Working the Lily Pond

Working the Lily Pond

I sat down next to a lily pond and just waited. Once, again the situation came to me. I did not pursue the opportunity. You can do the same thing.

Sometimes when you get photographers block, you have to just get out of the house and go, sit and wait and be observant.  A side benefit of fresh air and some exercise is a plus.