Landscapes are the toughest photos for me to get right.  Recently, I decided I would pay more attention to my landscape shots. One of the first things I do now is to find a good foreground.  I run around looking for something that will lead my eye to the background like a mountain, rock formation,giant tree or great sky/clouds. The foreground does not have to be exceptional but make sure that there is some contrast with the background.  If there are leading lines, as in a string of rocks, flowers or bushes that sort of take your eye along the way to the mountains that is helpful.  Also, you don’t want to stick the items in the very certain.  Don’t forget the rule of thirds.  Easier said than done right, yea right.  Hat tip to all you landscape masters.

Here is a simple example:

Tip of the Shaft

2015September11_vasquez canyon_001

Note the plant adds a little more oomph to the photo. Your eye looks at the plant and then moves forward to the rock.  It was not easy to find a plant that worked this way with the rock.  That’s nature for you.  This stool has three legs: Foreground, Background and Strong Light. I will touch on Background in another blog.