Often when shooting macro or really close-up, I could use something to hold a leaf, branch, flashlight, light diffuser or just something to gently push something else to the side. I like to use what is called a Plamp II.  The official name is a Wimberley Plamp II.  Here are a few photos of the Plamp II in action and CLICK HERE for a You Tube video link that will give you more information and ideas:

Blog_The Plamper in Use  Blog_The Plamper in Use-3 Blog_Wimberley Plamp II_Monarch

Blog_Monarch catipillar3_macro closeup-129-Edit copy

In this series of photos, I used the Plamp II by attaching it to a chair and the stem of milky weed.   It helps too when the wind is blowing and you attach the Plamp to the stem of a flower to give  it more sturdiness. Also, as I said before, you can use the Plamp just to move other vegetation to the side and out of the way of the shot without damaging any plants or living things. The video gave me the idea of using a small flash light which can come in handy too.