What the heck is a Wing Tipper.  It is a hard shot to get and doesn’t happen all the time.  Waterfowl at times use the tips of their wings to glaze the water for balance.  Sometimes it is just sloppy navigation too.  Be on the lookout for this special shot. The other hard to get shot is the toe dipper. This is the shot when just the bird’s claw  skims the water. This is even harder to get.

Graceful Take Off

Graceful Flight-010

Peek a Boo Wing Tipper

Graceful Wing Tipper

If the eye was not showing this shot would not be good.

Power Wings

Power Wings_Denver1

This mute swan gracefully skimmed the icy lake.  The wings touched the ice surface with each beat of his wings.

I am sure it helps with stability, balance and navigation.