When I first started being serious about photography a few years ago, I would hear speakers and presenters talk about the “rule of thirds”. It was usually when the subject of composition came up.  Think of a tick tack toe grid, where the lines intersect is  where you want the main focus or subject matter to land. It doesn’t have to be exactly at the intersection.   This rule helps with composition/balance. You don’t want your subject to be right smack in the center of the photo. It does not sit right with the eye. You can use this technique for vertical or horizontal photos. Here are a few photos that will help get the idea across.

Waiting for Love-Horizontal or Landscape

Blog_Just Watchen_Jim Akers

One and Done- Horizontal or Landscape

One and Done (1 of 1)

Ready for Take-Off- Vertical or Portrait

Blog_Red Wings Ready for Take Off

Do you always have to use the rule of thirds. No you don’t have to use the rule of thirds but it will help your overall photo if you do. Here is a shot that won a lot of awards and does not follow the rule of thirds.

Pretty Boy- non-conforming

Pretty Boy


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