Sometimes, small is mighty. As in macro or close-up photography.  First of all, if you are truly a macro shooter then look on your lens and if it says 1:1 then it is a macro lens, if it does not say 1:1 then it is not a true macro lens. It doesn’t mean you can’t shoot macro. Some cameras have a mode for macro such as my Canon G12.   I use a Canon 100mm 1:1 lens. It is not an easy life as a 1:1 macro photography.  To the average viewer it may look great. But, to the competitive eye it so so tough to get a great shot with a macro lens.  So, I use a Canon 24-70 lens for close up and it does a great job at least for me.  I guess it depends on what you want to convey to the viewer. For me, I don’t care what lens I use as long as the impact and sharpness is present. A story would help too. Take my advice to the bank, I have been there done that.

Destructive Beauty

Destructive Beauty

This little guy was a great actor. He or she was all over the place. Again, patience and anticipation played a role in this award wining photo.

Hover Fly

Blog_Hover Fly

Yep Hover Fly  is the name of this critter. They look a little like a Yellow Jacket. They are harmless and sometimes you see them hovering in the air. This fly is no bigger than a dime. Was it shot with a macro lens or something else. I will never tell. Let me know what you think.

Working the Lilly Pond

Working the Lily Pond

This award winning photo is one of my favorites. Just look at the shot. Flower, insect and water that provided the opportunity. I may have mentioned in a previous blog that patience is the key.  You just have to wait and see what happens. Of course, knowing the habits and subject matter helps.