Don’t get hung up on the Rules of this and that.  I use the “Rule of Thirds” as a guideline. I don’t adhere to it all the time. It is a starting point and then I work my composition to what I think is the most pleasing to the eye.  There is another rule that I use when possible. It is called the “Rule of Odds”. 3 and 5 subjects can be more pleasing to the eye/brain than 4 and 6. With the following example, I could have easily left the little mushroom out of the photo. The photo seems more interesting when the “third” little mushroom is included.

We Love You Little One

N_We Love You Little One_Akers_Jim (1)

So the moral of the story is don’t get hung up on rules of this or that they are just guidelines. Of course, some of the great master painters used these rules or guidelines.

Click here for more information concerning the rule of odds.

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