Sometimes you may want to look for a picture within the picture.  There can be a gem hiding someplace within your larger photo.  Here is an example.

Swamp Ears

Blog_Swamp Ears_Close-up_2015_10_11_untitled_1426

This is a shot of a lot of lichen on a log. Only this particular shot is very small. The photograph illustrates a shot within the shot.

Here is another example of a photo within the photograph. I took a portrait shot of a huge eucalyptus tree. The bark had a lot of texture and color. I played with the sliders to get even more color.  I then turned the portrait to landscape which made the wave more noticeable.  As an abstract, this came out pretty interesting. Interesting enough to get a Judges Choice and Best of Category in Fine Art.

Eucalyptus Abstract

Eucalyptus Abstractus