One of my Words of Wisdom (WOW) tenets is to look behind you when out in nature. I know it is hard to remember or it just never occurs to you that the really good shot could be behind you.  It is a simple tenet but I can’t tell you how many times I have taken a potentially great shot just by turning around. Here are a few shots I took when I turned around. These are not competition ready but there is potential in each shot.

Sea Gull– I was done for the day and headed back to the car. I am always doing 360 degree turns to see what I am missing. I just caught this sea gull on the fly for some easy food. In another blog, I will talk about anticipation and patience. If I had stayed and watched for awhile I would not have had to turn around. I could have just waited for the action to happen. Note the color of the foreground rock. By the way, I am red, brown and green color blind so we all have our handicaps. Foreground is another blog topic.

Blog_Easy Pickens_Jim Akers


Spotted Towhee-I was sitting at the waters edge waiting for one of my best of shows to turn up. Fat chance right. I happened to turn around  and who should be right behind me about 10 feet away was this curious Towhee sitting up in a tree on a branch. I was positioned in the wrong direction and had to move ever so slooowly in order not to spook this little guy.

Blog_spotted tohee_jim akers

Crab– Another on my way to the car shots.  The sun is hitting me head on. I am looking down with brim hat to protect my eyes and head. When I turned around, what do I see but this little fellow sunning himself and watching me intently. I drop to one knee and started shooting.

Blog_Just Watchen_Jim Akers

Before I leave, just a thought. I always name my photos. I have a knack for it. We will talk about this in another blog too. If you have photographers block then try having a name for your photos before you go out and shoot. For example, come up with a name like “Handsome Dude” and then try to get photos that fit your title for your outing.

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